[Linux][軟體] Grub

GRUB 2 (有空再回頭來翻譯)

GRUB 2 is derived from PUPA which was a research project to investigate the next generation of GRUB. GRUB 2 has been rewritten from scratch to clean up everything for modularity and portability. A mailing list and a wiki have been setup for discussing the development of GRUB 2.

GRUB 2 targets at the following goals:
* 支援 script 寫做,可以做到狀況處理,迴圈﹑變數﹑及函式等的功能。
* 圖型化模式
* 動態載入 module ,可以延伸 build 時所沒有的功能
* 支援更多不一樣的裝置(可攜性)
* 國際化 (支援非 ASCII 碼)
* Real memory management
* Modular, hierarchical, object-oriented framework for file systems, files, devices, drives, terminals, commands, partition tables and OS loaders.
* 跨平台安裝。
* 救援模式的支援。 (同時中止 Stage 1.5)
* Fix design mistakes in GRUB Legacy, which could not be solved for backward-compatibility, such as the way of numbering partitions.

Multiboot Specification

Multiboot Specification is a protocol between a boot loader and an OS kernel. Because this specification is generic, you can use the protocol in your own boot loader and/or in your own OS freely. Follow this link, for more details.

[Windows] 好用的小工具: AutoHotKey

做為一個 Linux 的愛好者,轉移到 Windows 上面的時候,往往難以適應 Windows 調整快捷鍵的方式,所以 google 了一下,結果發現很多人愛用的 "Auto Hot key"。不多說,就來給一個範例說明如何使用 Auto Hot key 來...