[Linux] Ubuntu exploits warnning.

Dan Kaminsky discovered weaknesses in the DNS protocol as implemented
by Dnsmasq. A remote attacker could exploit this to spoof DNS entries
and poison DNS caches. Among other things, this could lead to
misdirected email and web traffic.

話說最近 ubuntu Linux 的漏洞被發現的有點多,雖然說安全更新有發現比沒發現好,不過在處理上面還是容易讓人反感。

// 唔... 自已沒本事去抓漏,只能記錄一下,希望以後可以接觸到更多點東西。

[Linux] Private Key 不能登入的除錯方法與可能的問題點

最簡單的除錯方法是 $ ssh HOST -v 可能的問題點有: File/Dir Permission # 目錄是 700, 檔案是 600 Server 設定 RSAAuthentication yes PubkeyAuthentication yes...