[Programming] Pidgin 的架構

最近翻 pidgin 的新聞公告的時候才發現,原來之前還有發過 pidgin 的簡略架構圖:

If you're a developer, even a new or inexperienced developer, and you'd like to help out Open Source Software or the Pidgin project but aren't sure where to start, picking a corner of the Pidgin architecture and documenting it (with the help of the Pidgin developers!) would be a great place to get your feet wet. As a bonus, when you're done you'll have the knowledge to start writing that feature you've always wanted!

如果你是開發者,(不管是有沒有經驗的開發人員),如果你想提供一些協助給開源軟體社群,或 pidgin 專案,不過不知道怎麼開始的話,你可以在 pidgin 的架構文件上面提供幫助。這裡還有很多需要你可以幫忙的空間。當你做完的時候,你會明白,只有當你做過了,想要的 know-how 才會真的成為你所擁有的一部份。

[Linux] Private Key 不能登入的除錯方法與可能的問題點

最簡單的除錯方法是 $ ssh HOST -v 可能的問題點有: File/Dir Permission # 目錄是 700, 檔案是 600 Server 設定 RSAAuthentication yes PubkeyAuthentication yes...